Author Harish Gore

Welcome to the official website of author Harish Gore. Currently author has published his first much awaited project. i. e. biography of his father- 'A Tribute to MY FATHER'S STRUUGLE FOR LIFE.'

Author's father caught with cancer in 2001 and he died in 2014. Fifteen years of incredible fight against cancer is worded in the book. The author lost his everything for his father. A deep love for father can be seen throughout book. Beside cancer fight, book also contain life struggle of his father which is more than cancer.

A book also contain much talks over many social issues like childlabour, problems of severe disease people, mal-practice in medical field and problems of aged people.

A rural draught affected India is focused in the book. A serious talks over farmer of India can be seen in the book. There is much more to talks about book. Indian rural culture with deep emotion is now not too long to read. Enjoy reading. Happy reading!!!!!

About Book

This biography is sure to guide the readers and develope them into good citizens of India. It is make an interesting reading. It is a non-fiction, narrating the major events in the life of the author's father. Who was born in utter poverty and had to face many odds......